BB Cream vs. CC Cream: Interview with an Ulta Beauty Expert – Part II

What’s the buzz with BB Creams and CC Creams? They seem to be everywhere; but are they here to stay, or just a ripple in cosmetics come-and-go fads? I asked Sarah, Beauty Expert at Ulta for her thoughts on these products:

What are BB Creams and CC Creams, and what do they do?

Sarah: BB Cream, or “Beauty Balm Cream,” has a number of advantages – it hydrates, protects with SPF, evens skin tone, hide imperfections, and primes the skin. It’s basically a combination of a moisturizer, primer, and foundation, with some extra benefits.

CC Cream, or “Color Correcting Cream,” is similar to BB Cream, but with a few different benefits. A CC Cream will prime, perfect, protect, moisturize, even skin tone, and correct color (meaning it will work to diminish the appearance of dark spots, sun spots and acne scars.

A product that will be coming out in the near future is the DD Cream, which will have similar benefits as the other two creams, but with an anti-aging component.

Wow, cutting down on the number of products you use sounds great! Does this mean that this is the only product I need to use?

Sarah: Not necessarily – I would still apply your moisturizer, as you are not getting all of the benefits in the cream. Also, if you like setting your liquid foundation, I would recommend using a transparent or a sheer pressed powder after the BB or CC Cream. Basically, you are combining the primer and the foundation, while receiving those extra bonuses I described before.

It seems like almost every brand has a version of BB or CC Cream. Do I need to spend money, upwards $40, or is there a less expensive option?

Sarah: Yes there is a less expensive option! I recommend Garnier’s BB Cream. It is nice and light and you can visibly see the benefits on your skin after a couple of weeks. However, the brand you choose to use is a matter of preference. Try out different brands to see what works best for you and your skin!

BB Cream


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