Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup brushes are probably the most important part of any makeup kit. All of the different techniques you apply, whether advanced or simple, are so much easier to do when you’re using the right brush. But brushes can get cluttered and dirty in your makeup bag, so here is a solution to keep them apart and easily accessible for your morning routine: a makeup brush holder:


What I used:

  1. a plastic vase (there are tons of selections at craft stores or someplace like TJ Maxx. I got mine at Hobby Lobby) and
  2. small pebbles, also from Hobby Lobby.

This is incredibly easy to put together! Just pour the pebbles in the vase, about half way full, and voilà! You have a makeup brush holder. Place your brushes inside the vase and they will stand neatly upright. You can even place them in the holder after you wash them to let them air dry and ready for use in a few hours.


Of course, you don’t have to use small pebbles – you can also use small marbles or anything else that will hold your brushes upright. This is a great addition to any bathroom, or a simple (and inexpensive) gift for your friend that doesn’t have one yet!


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