Keepin’ it Clean with Facial Cleansers

After a long day of work or play, you arrive home exhausted and sometimes the last thing you want to do is wash off your makeup. Sleeping with your makeup on for one night won’t kill you, but if you do this regularly, you could be provoking some serious damage – read about it at this Huffington Post article. Makeup clogs the pores that your skin is naturally trying to rejuvenate, and leaving it on at night ultimately causes acne and premature aging. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough motivation for me to take it off!  Here are a couple ways to remove and cleanse your face before hitting the sack:

1. Makeup Remover and Cleanser – Makeup removers like this one from Neutrogena Naturals are perfect for removing makeup and cleansing the skin without stripping the skin’s natural moisture.

2. Acne Cleanser – Acne facial cleansers like this one from Neutrogena Naturals gently cleanses while thoroughly removing dirt and pore-clogging oil from your face. Additionally, these formulas have salicylic acid that treats breakouts and helps prevent new ones from occurring. For the acne-prone, this product is a must!

3. Eye Makeup Remover – Eye makeup can be the trickiest part to take off. That darn mascara sometimes just won’t come off! Don’t scrub your eyes until they’re red and irritated; instead go a gentler route and your eyes will thank you – eye makeup remover like Maybelline’s Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover can be applied to a tissue then gently pressed against your eyelid before wiping it all off. Easy and no pain!

4.  Makeup Remover Wipes – These things are my savior! I use these before I hit up a yoga class or go for a run as a quick way to remove my foundation. Makeup Remover Wipes (or as my brother calls them, “glorified baby wipes”…how ignorant!) are also perfect for when you are dead tired and can’t stand the thought of washing off your makeup. Just a few quick wipes, and you’re way better of than you were leaving it all on. Then you can go to sleep guilt-free, knowing you’re preserving your beautiful skin!


2 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Clean with Facial Cleansers

  1. It is so important to was your face before bed! Makeup remover wipes are such a handy item! The ones with exfoliating beads are really good for right after a work out when your face is all steamy!

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