Before & After: A Clean & Classy Look

Happy Sunday-Funday! I know how much people love looking at before-and-after shots before they decide to choose a makeup artist for their wedding or special event. Last weekend, I had fun doing Lexie’s makeup for a classy boudoir photo session she was doing as a surprise for her husband-to-be. Lexie wanted her makeup to look simple, but also  a little sassy and sultry. Here is her before look:


And after:


I love that she wanted to add a pop of color with the red lips. This shade of red fits her skin tone so well! Before this, we had a conversation about red lipstick: you never know how a color will look until you try it on, because no shade of red looks like the color in the tube when applied on your lips! So while you can’t try reds out when you’re buying a drugstore brand, make sure you ask the beauty advisor at your favorite makeup counter if you can give the red a spin before you decide to invest.

What do you think of Lexie’s makeup over? Do you like the pop of red lips?


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