7 Tips for Banishing Acne Breakouts

We’ve all been there – right before some significant event or other, when you want to look particularly stunning, acne suddenly attacks your face like you’re a high school freshman again. Maybe it’s triggered by the weather, stress, unhealthy eating, scrimping on skincare health, or a little of everything.  Don’t panic! Here are ways to get your skin (and your life!) back under control.

1. Wash your face. Whether or not you’ve been keeping up with your morning/evening face wash routine, there are some facial cleansers that are directed toward the acne-prone skin by removing pore-clogging oils and dirt and penetrates pores with salicylic acid to fight breakouts. My favorite is Neutrogena Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser, but virtually any drugstore or high-end skincare brand will carry something similar.

2. Acne Spot Treatment Cream. Every time your wash your face, you should apply acne spot treatment cream right on top of those zits. This helps to speed the healing of blemishes and prevent new ones from occurring. I highly recommend Murad Acne Spot Treatment, which you can find at a Sephora or Ulta near you. While the price tag ($18) may look a little high for such a small tube, I can assure you that it is well worth the investment. It really works! And a little goes a long way, so you won’t be smearing it all over your face.


3. Light moisturizer.  The last thing you may feel like you want to do with an overly-active oily face is apply moisturizer, but I encourage you to fight the urge to toss it, and instead go for a light-weight moisturizer. Drying your face out will not help to settle the storm, it may aggravate it instead. A lighter moisturizer like First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream will hydrate, nourish, and improve the natural barrier to your pores while calming redness and irritation.

4. Don’t overload the makeup. The last thing you need to do is clog up your pores with thick foundation and undo the work you’ve been doing in steps 1-3. I completely understand; the urge is to hide all of those ugly blemishes on your skin. However, unless you’re going to THE event that you’ve been stressing over (a.k.a. a wedding, reunion, etc.) I would advise to just let your skin breath and recover. If you absolutely must wear something on your face in public, go with a light layer of mineralized powder foundation.

5. Drink up that H2O. Water helps cleanse your system. It also keeps your skin hydrated and healthy-looking. The recommended amount of water to consume is eight 8 oz. glasses per day. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I think about throughout the day. Just keep a filled water bottle nearby all day long, and make sure to take some sips every so often. You’ll probably meet the necessary amount for your body just fine.

6. Eat healthy.  Stay away from/minimize fatty foods that cause your pores to freak out. Fast food, chocolate, whatever your weakness is, and you probably know better than anyone what causes your own breakouts. Usually, I eat these kinds of unhealthy foods that I don’t normally eat only when I’m stressed out, so I give my skin a double whammy. And I regret it every time, because not only does it NOT help me at that moment; my stomach then regrets it hours later. If you feel like you need a snack, instead reach for some carrots and hummus or apples and peanut butter. You’ll get some healthy fats in your system and probably stop your urge from devouring an entire tub of ice cream.

7. Take a breather and go for a run. Nothing makes me feel better about myself and whatever chaos has inflicted by life than a nice run, an exhilarating yoga class, a relaxing swim, an intense burst of Jillian Michaels in a workout DVD, or even just a long walk in nature. I find that stepping away often puts everything in perspective. It’s good for your skin, and great for your body, health and mind!

What do you do to get rid of acne breakouts?


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