Sweater Season is Here! Top 8 Autumn Fashion Essentials

Though the summer months have been great, autumn is inching it’s way towards us, and I have to say, having a couple of sweater days has been kind of nice! Fall is my favorite season for clothes – I love the crisp feeling in the air that comes with the changing leaves, and layering clothes can be so much fun! Here are some fall essentials that every girl should have in her wardrobe for the upcoming season:

1. Boots are perfect for keeping your ankles a little warmer, and they can be so cozy and comfortable when you find the right pair. I think that boots with a bit of a heel are a lot easier to wear than pumps, mainly because chances are, you are not going to fall out of them!


Grace & Lace

2. Chambray Shirts are my new favorite layering piece. It adds a fun twist to have denim on top, with a textured skirt on the bottom. Also cute, wearing white or black jeans paired with a chambray top. Just beware: Leave Canadian tuxedos in the ’90s where they belong. (I laughed when I first heard this term. Translation of Canadian tuxedo: Denim on top and on the bottom.)



3. Asymmetrical leather jackets have become popular, inspired from motorcycle jackets. I love the asymmetrical zippers, and the added interest. Obviously leather jackets are not in the budget for a lot of us, but you can find faux leather versions or colorful denim jackets with the asymmetrical zipper for a fun addition to your fall wardrobe.



4. Fun Scarves. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you can own enough scarves. They spice up any ensemble, with different colors, textures and patterns to chose from. Definitely an essential accessory (or should I say, accessories) for crisp weather!


Lilly’s Style


5. A Variety of Sweaters. Whether long and flowy or tailored to fit, a variety of sweaters are a necessity when temperatures begin to change. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I wear a sweater pretty much every day when it starts to get nippy out, so having a variety of colors and patterns to choose from definitely helps break the monotony!  Also, switch pairing your sweaters with jeans, slacks, dresses and skirts (with tights, of course!) for different looks.


Design Chic


The Day Book

6. Vests are great for a little extra padding and defense against the cold – or just as another cute layering piece! Vests are great to add to a more casual Saturday at the football or soccer game ensemble, with a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath. Perfect attire for cheering on your favorite team!


Girl is Shameless

7. A Pair of Flats to wear with your skinny jeans or skirts. Now that summer is over, it’s a faux pas to have your toes bearing all the time…sad, I know. But cute ballet flats like these will make you eager to slip them on.


Au Pays De Candy

8. Running gear for cooler temperatures is a huge fall must have for me! I splurged last weekend for these running leggings from Athleta. They were probably the most comfortable piece of clothing that I have ever put on in my life (this is not an exaggeration!) so I just couldn’t turn them down. Try them for yourself – whether you’re a runner, skier, yogi, or just like wearing these because they’re AMAZING, they will definitely become a necessity for your fall essential list. Even if they are just for lounging around the house with a cup of joe in hand – hey, I wear them for that too!

running tight

Athleta – Chaturanga Yoga Tight

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


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