Bridesmaid Makeup – Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of things to think about when one of your close friends asks you to be a bridesmaid – dresses, shoes, accessories, gifts, showers, parties, and that’s all before the actual wedding day! The day of the wedding, cameras will be pointing in every direction if you’re in the general vicinity of the couple being honored, so makeup is an important part of looking and feeling your best. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when preparing for the Big Day:

DO ask the bride what she wants you to do. Some brides will want everyone in their wedding party to have their makeup done professionally, others will not mind if you do your own. Make sure you know what is expected of you so you don’t step on anyone’s toes. If you find out that you will be expected to do your own makeup:

DON’T outshine the bride. Make sure to take your cue from how the bride’s makeup is done. If the bride is going for a more natural look, take her lead and do the same. If she decides to go with dramatic eyes or a bold lip, this gives you a little more freedom to play up your makeup with a more bold element – just make sure not to go overboard! This is the bride’s special day, and it’s important to let her shine.

DO practice your makeup a week beforehand. Make sure you test the foundation you will be using so you know your current skin tone matches. You may want to drop by a cosmetics counter at your local mall if you are unsure – most counters will match your foundation for free.

DON’T use any type of moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen in the formula. Some camera flashes will reflect off of the sunscreen and cause discoloration of your face…only in the photo, of course. To avoid looking like a banshee in wedding photos, stay clear to be on the safe side. (*Disclaimer: you should wear sunscreen every other day of your life.) That said, avoid heavy powders, as they can also reflect off of camera flashes.

DO pack your lipstick/lipgloss with you to re-apply. It will most likely be a long day – the ceremony, pictures, and then the reception, and between cocktails and snack breaks your lipstick or gloss will not last the entire time. Use a lip stain so you will always have some color, but keep your top layer of stick or gloss in your purse to easily swipe it on.

DON’T match your makeup to your dress. Match your makeup to your skintone. For cooler skin tones, lean towards pinks and silvery shades, and for warmer skin tones, stick with corals, gold, and earthy tones. Wearing blue eyeshadow to match your blue bridesmaids dress with most likely look tacky and dated in years to come.

DO use waterproof mascara. Whether it’s a hot muggy day, or you’re prone to tearing up a little watching the bride and groom together, this is always a safe choice.

Here are a couple of beautiful bridesmaids I had the honor of doing makeup for at a recent wedding:





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