New Month, New Me!

Happy October lovelies! October is one of my favorite months, mainly because of the beautiful changing leaves and the crisp autumn air! I like to re-evaluate where I’m at with my personal goals at the beginning of every month, and I realize that over the summer months, I’ve been concentrating a lot in some areas (like my career search, which I’ll go into more later) and have been neglecting, or have been stuck in a rut, in other areas. So I’ve decided to take a step back today and make some goals about areas that are important to me – Career, Exercise, Nutrition, Prayer, and Life. These are my more specific areas of Mind, Body and Soul.


Career: I’ll go into more details about this in an upcoming post, but for just a brief preview of what’s going on, I’m currently looking for new job opportunities. This summer I spent a lot of time figuring exactly what I want in a career, so now I am on the road to making that a reality. Like a lot of twenty-somethings, it’s been so easy to feel lost after college with no clear direction, and I am in the process of finding that direction. My goal is to find a new job by the end of the year (3 months to go!) and here are some of my actions for the month of October:

  • Create a list of target companies and apply to specific jobs online. Follow these companies on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Reach out to 2 people per day on LinkedIn and request informational interviews.
  • Apply to 2 jobs online per week.
  • (Re)write my cover letter and have a friend edit it.

If some of these things don’t make a whole lot of sense, look forward to an upcoming post where I’ll go deeper into my job searching journey.

Exercise: I love to exercise. Motivation to go for a run honestly isn’t a problem, I’ll gladly run 10 miles! However, I confess that this last summer I was in a bit of an exercising rut. I haven’t been challenging myself. I was busy, so I just stuck to basically the same routine almost every day. Usually, I have one big race scheduled each year, and I keep to a training schedule that keeps me challenged and has variation, but this year, I didn’t sign up for a race because I wasn’t sure where I was going to be! Unfortunately, I’ve been keeping some aspects of my life on hold due to the uncertainty of my career, and this has been something that’s suffered. So, I decided that even though I may not be signed up for a race, that doesn’t mean I can’t be training for one! Here are some exercise regimens I’m going to start keeping in place this month:

  • Follow Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Program – Intermediate. I need to look at this a little more closely, because the program starts at a place that seems a little too easy for me, so I may need to adjust my starting point. I’ve used Hal’s training programs for previous races I’ve done, and I’ve enjoyed the workout routines.
  • AM workouts – Jillian Michaels DVDS. Ok, so I’m a little compulsive. If I don’t do at least a short workout of some sort in the morning, I feel “gross” the rest of the day. I’ll have to look at my training schedule to decide if I will run before or after work, but if I decide to run after, I’ll probably do a quick 20 minute DVD workout in the morning just to get my blood pumping. And hey, a little extra strength training won’t hurt!
  • Power Vinyasa Yoga – As I talked a little about in this previous post, I really enjoy this core/strength building type of yoga. I will go to a yoga class 2 times/week this month, on the days I have strength training scheduled in my training program. Perfect cross training!

Nutrition: Ok, I have a confession. My relationship with food has not always been the healthiest. I developed anorexia in my early high school days, and my recovery led to having occasional – ok, let’s be honest, frequent – bouts of binge eating. I also developed some not-so-great habits in college, and need to make some changes. Right now, I need to do some research about a healthy food schedule that I know I will keep to. I usually opt for healthy foods, but it’s when I get in binging bouts I throw moderation and nutritious choices out the window. This has been my downfall, and I need to do some research about how to make some lasting changes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Prayer: Spiritually, I have been lacking this past summer. I am a Christian and a Catholic, and Christ is the center of my life…at least, he should be, and I need to focus on making him a top priority in my life. Here are some commitments I am making for the month of October:

  • October is a month of Mary and the Holy Rosary, so I will commit to praying the rosary every day this month. I have a nice long drive to work in the morning, so it will be the perfect time to turn off the radio and pray – no excuses! The rosary is great for meditating on the life of Christ. Lately my prayers have been a grocery list of things I want, so meditating keep me centered on what is important and give me an opportunity to listen.
  • I’ve found it very therapeutic to journal when I pray – I’ve done this since I was in junior high. I feel like this way I’m having an easy flow of conversation with God, telling him my thoughts, my worries, my dreams. However, I haven’t been very good about consistency. This month, I will journal once a week.

Life: This category is more about miscellaneous things. Something I need to work on more is budgeting. Last month, I kept all of my receipts and categorized them by the type of purchases I made. This month I will do the same, and start tracking them in an excel spreadsheet. This way I can be totally honest with myself about how much I’m spending and where I need to make some cuts (yes, I try not to look at clothes and makeup…but they’re such good investments! So I justify myself…) This is something that I acknowledge I need to work on as part of becoming a functioning adult.

These are some of my October goals, or goals in progress, and I’m exciting to get started! Do you make monthly goals to re-evaluate and “start over?” What are your goals? In lieu of a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a monthly resolution!


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