Beauty Tips for the Athletic Girl

As you’ve probably already gathered, I definitely identify as the active type. My true love is running, which I’ve been passionate about since I joined the cross-country team in my early high school days, but I also really enjoy swimming, yoga, hiking, cycling, skiing, tennis, etc. I’ve always believed that just because a girl is sporty, that doesn’t mean she has to identify with the makeup-clueless jock (unless, of course, that’s you’re thing and you proudly own it – in which case, I totally respect that, you go girl!) Through some trial and error, I’ve found some simple beauty tips and tricks for the athletic girl:


Photo courtesy of Track Attack

Sans Foundation – Nothing’s worse than makeup, mingled in sweat, melting right off your face. Not only does it feel gross, but it’s also clogging up your pores exactly when they need to breath the most! Instead, if you know you’re going to work out later in the day, opt for a tinted moisturizer and spot treat blemishes with a little concealer. OR I’ve found that using a little Bare Minerals original mineral foundation has good coverage, but allows the skin to breathe while you exercise. Also, unlike other loose powders, this one stays put and looks nice and natural instead of creating an oily finish hours after applying – whether you work out or not! Lastly, if you decide to skip face makeup altogether, make sure you use your sunscreen and moisturize!

Lip Balm – Did you know that on your lips is the softest skin on your entire body? It’s import to keep your lips moist too, especially as we approach colder weather and dry and chapped lips can become a problem. My favorite is Burt’s Bees lip balm, which hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes your lips.

Mascara – If for some reason I was stranded on an island and I could only bring one item of makeup, I would have to go with mascara. Why? Because a simple swipe adds definition and intrigue to the eyes. Sometimes I wear waterproof mascara when I workout, but to be honest with you, usually regular does just fine. If you’d like to go for an even more natural look, opt for clear mascara. This gives the lashes a wet look, but still defines them to frame the eyes nicely without a shocking harsh color.

Hair – The most important thing is to make sure it’s out of the way and not flying in your face when you’re moving! I usually opt for a messy bun, which has a chic tousled look (sometimes after a yoga class, it looks better than when I started!) or a braid, which looks nicely feminine. I personally have thin hair, and sometimes a braid accentuates this fact, so I really wish I could rock the braid that lovely thick-haired ladies can! Also, for those little fly-away strands that always manage to come undone, use an elastic headband to reign them in.


Photo courtesy of Jada Beauty

Remember your extremities! – Elbows, heels, feet…not very flattering parts of the body that I like to keep covered in  the winter because they quickly dry up – especially when I’m in drier climates (like when I visit home in Montana over Christmas – dry and cold)! Use your favorite type of lotion to keep these body parts moist too.

Shades – Even in the winter, the sun can be brightly shinning…granted it depends in what type of climate you live in. To protect the eyes and prevent premature wrinkles (and also as a fun accessory) pick out some trendy shades for outdoor activities. However, make sure they’re not too trendy and will stay on your face as you move!


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