How to Care for your Eyelashes

Do you want longer, thicker lashes? Getting beautifully lush lashes is more about more than just finding the perfect mascara – it’s about creating a supple canvas to apply your makeup products. It’s important to keep your eyelashes healthy, though this is an often neglected beauty care area. Nice eyelashes will instantly brighten your face, and by following these must-know tips on eyelash care, you’ll be on your way to naturally beautiful lashes:


1. Take off your makeup before bed. Especially mascara! It’s so important to remove mascara, because leaving it on can cause lashes to fall out prematurely or cause breakage. Soak a cotton ball in eye makeup remover and gently press on your eyelid for 15 seconds. This will help to dissolve the mascara and make it easier to remove by patting or dabbing without having to scrub and irritate your eyes.

2. Comb your eyelashes. Use a clean mascara wand and run it through your lashes a few in the morning to separate the follicles and give the appearance of a fuller lash line. Do this before applying your mascara.

3. Don’t rub your eyes. Rubbing them can twist and pull on the lashes, which causes breakage at the roots and leads to premature fallout. If your eyes are itchy, try gently patting or massaging the area.

4. Be gentle with your eyelash curler. Avoid pinching the skin on your eyelids or pulling on the lashes. Pulling on the lashes will, once again, lead to premature lash fallout. Another good rule of thumb is to curl your lashes first, and apply mascara second…to (you guessed it) avoid pulling and breakage. To use your curler correctly, simply spread the handles and center your upper lashes in between the upper and lower pads. Place the curler at the base of the upper lash line, as close to the roots as possible, without pinching your lid. Squeeze gently. Hold for five to ten seconds and release for beautiful curled lashes.

5. Condition your lashes. Just like you condition your hair, you should do the same to your eyelashes. There are a couple different ways to do this:

  • At night, after taking off your makeup and mascara, spread a small amount of Vaseline on two of your fingertips and spread over your top and bottom lashes. This will work as a deep conditioner, and will make the lashes themselves look fuller and even grow longer. This article on WikiHow is a step by step on how to do this.
  • Use an eyelash primer immediately before applying your mascara. If you wear mascara often, you know that some mascara formulas can have a harsh effect on lashes, by drying them out and making them look shorter and brittle when the mascara comes off. Eyelash primer will counter this, because they are specially formulated conditioners that prep the lashes with conditioning ingredients. My favorite primer is Smashbox’s Layer lash primer, which uses panthenol to strengthen and make the lashes more durable.

6. Use fake eyelashes sparingly. The glue used to put the fake lashes on can hurt your real ones by making them stick together or pulling on them as you remove the fake ones. So while false lashes are a lovely addition to any makeup look, limit using them to special occasions only.

7. Toss out old mascara. Mascara only lasts about 3 – 6 months before it dries up and becomes less effective, so make sure you buy a new tube every so often. Regularly replacing mascara helps to keep your eyes free from germs that can accumulate and lead to infections.


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