Winter Skin Care Tips

Hopefully you don’t live someplace where it has already snowed in late October (unless you like that sort of thing), but with the cooler temperatures, winter is definitely on its way, which may leave your skin in a funk that it reserves for this time of year. Here are a few simple skin care tips to make sure your skin stays healthy and gorgeous when winter comes:


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Just because the sun isn’t shining like it was in August doesn’t mean you should pack up your sunscreen for the season. UVA and UVB rays still manage to break through the clouds, even in cooler temperatures, so make sure you are protecting your face by using something with at least an SPF of 15 daily.


With all the pumpkin spice lattes around, you may gravitate toward warmer beverages this season. However, make sure you are still sipping on good old H20 throughout the day to keep your skin looking healthy and supple – not dry and lackluster. If you still crave something warm, try herbal teas instead of something caffeinated or filled with sugar.


Skin tends to be dryer in the winter months, so you may want to switch to a heavier moisturizer to combat the effects of the wind and dry air. Paula Begoun from Paula’s Choice recommends, “If you’re struggling with dryness, use a moisturizer that is filled to the brim with antioxidants to fight environmental damage. It should also contain ingredients that help keep water in skin, anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce irritation, and cell-communicating ingredients to help skin produce normal skin cells (which it can’t do on its own because of the factors mentioned above).”

However, your face isn’t the only place where skin should be moisturized more – keep a hand cream and a lip balm in your purse, as these are especially sensitive (and exposed) areas that can to be hydrated on the go and throughout the day. Also, make sure to use a body lotion after you shower to keep all of your skin moisturized.


Sure, soaking in a burning-hot bath feels great after being out in the cold; but the intense heat of a hot shower or bath actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture. You’d be better off using warm water and moisturizing afterward.



Thirsty, central-heating-parched skin can start looking dull and tired due to the build-up of dry dead skin cells. The solution is to exfoliate regularly. This can be done by using a gentle, well-formulated exfoliant once or twice each week that will turn over the top layer and replace it with newer, smoother cells that can better protect skin, not to mention keep it looking brighter and youthful.


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