8 Things to Beat the Wintertime Blues

For many of us, February is a long, dreary month. Before Christmas, winter is a majestic season, with the crisp, cold air giving a refreshing cleanse to the earth; however, this side of the holidays, winter becomes an irksome cold that seems never-ending. Snow and slush becomes cumbersome to drive and walk in, and it’s just so unreasonably cold, preventing you from going out and doing things!

Many people get into a slump this time of year, myself included. But looking forward to the spring doesn’t make it come any faster. Here are some ways to beat the Wintertime Blues:

1. Try a new healthy eating regimen. Meal plan at the beginning of each week to incorporate healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Though it’s enticing to eat carb-loaded junk food this time of year, it will only leave you feeling sluggish. Look for healthy, easy, quick recipes online, and utilize your slow cooker!



2. Spice up your exercise routine. Try a new group exercising class, or for those on a budget, buy a new workout DVD. If you belong to a gym, try out new machine or go for a swim. Change will get you excited about exercising again.

3. Dance like a fool. That’s right. Blast your favorite tunes and start moving. It will instantly boost your mood! Spectators not allowed.

dance fool


4. Organize your space and time. Laziness begets laziness, and vice versa…so start turning those tables and you will automatically get re-energized! Start by cleaning your house or apartment. Organize your receipts. Create a system of cleaning/organizing that works for you, and stick to it! Use a planner to schedule what you need to do and when. Make sure to include your exercise and personal time in your schedule.

5. Let yourself self-indulge a little. Recharge by treating yourself to a hair trim (or cut if you’re ambitious), brow wax, a couple hours soaking up the scene and browsing your local B&N…whatever makes you feel good about yourself and won’t break the bank!



6. Do something for someone else. Cook a meal for a friend. Babysit a family member’s kids for free. Give someone advice, or help them with a project. Most importantly, get over yourself.

7. Read a kids’ novel…or a few. There are some really great stories out there, and it doesn’t have to remind you of your college lit class to enjoy reading them! I recently read Keeping Corner by Kashmira Sheth, which was engaging and I learned about a different culture and era – even if it was written for middle schoolers. I highly recommend it! Also a good way to relax without rotting your brain with TV as you spend more time indoors.

8. Let your creative juices flow. Creating something to be proud of will lift your mood and get you excited about pursuing your hobbies. Write lyrics to a song (a.k.a. a poem), make a vision board, learn you to crochet a blanket…the possibilities are endless!




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